Thursday, March 08, 2012

Day four

I had breakfast is kefier blackberry smoothie and hot water with lemon.

Snack: Orange

Lunch: salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, little feta cheese and two hard boiled egg with balsamic salad dressing
Green Tea

Snack: four strawberries

Dinner: Taco Salad, it s ground turkey with taco seasoning. And i already sautéed the onion. Also, i already diced tomatoes, took couple uncut lettuce. And reduced low fat cheddar cheese. And salas on it as well.
It s yummy.
Green Tea and water

I already drank water 8 ounces 8 glasses a day.
Also, I had yougurt -- a plain yougurt low fat with truvia.
And last is green tea.

I already took a walk today. it was so beauitufl out!! I love it! It was about in 60 degrees. It s just perfect. I took the baby in the stroller. We took a walk with Anthony who ride his bike. We did about 25 minutes walk. Yay! Gotta to keep it up! :-)


Yesterday, I had for breakfast was low fat plain yogurt with trivia. And for Lunch was salad with turkey slice on the top of it with balsamic salad dressing. For Dinner I had Roasted Turkey breast with steamed asparagus and carrots. I had apple and pear for the fruits. And I drank two green teas. I should drink three! I got so busy with Tristan doing their homework.
And I had snack, yogurt with trivia. I already drank 8 ounuces of 8 glasses of water.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

New Diet -- 17 days diet!

Now I am doing a new diet!! It s called 17 days diet! It s different what I have been through in the past. It s not too bad. Just that have to stick with the meal plan. I have to make meal plan for myself and stick with the meal. I am trying my best not to track off with it. I wanna to stay with it. My mom and I are doing together. And my husband, Dan as well.
Also, have to do 17 minutes exercise as well.

Yesterday, I had for breakfast is white eggs, Lunch I had salad. Snack i had apple and pear. Dinner I have salad with cod fish with green bell pepper and onion with top of tomato sauce. And one green tea. Eight glasses of water.

Tuesday Meal plan:

Breakfast I had white eggs with spanish. Green tea
Snack: pear

Lunch: Salad with turkey with basltic vinger
Snack: apple
green tea

Dinner: grilled chicken with low sodium chicken broth
and steamed brollic and carrots and salad with baslitc vinger.
Green tea

I had 8 ounces of 8 glasses of water

I already walked around the house for 17 minutes.

Let s hope I keep it up!!

Friday, February 03, 2012

New Link that i like

Trying on New DIET on Weight Watcher

This is the time of being to do Weight Watcher. NO more jump along around. It s time to stick it around. I have been doing this for past four days now. It s coming along. I need more support in this house to stick it. I don't see it to help out. I just have to annoy what they are eating or drinking. They choose it not me! I m not them. I am me! It s time to being!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Monday, December 20, 2010

This is way over due!

I can't believe this is way overdue blog!! Man, I am so busy with myself, kids and life. The boys are getting taller and taller! Soon Christmas is coming the corner! Everyone is exciting about it!

We re trying to get everything ready for Christmas Eve Dinner. We are going to make seafood on our own. The place that we tend to ordered from is closed! Everyone was shocked and disappointment! But ECONOMY! It s really shaking for more than two years now. It s not easy for everyone at all.

We re praying and hoping that the economy will be okay. Things will be alright for job marketing, house sales and on and on.

My husband and I are expecting another baby in March! Now I am 29 weeks. Everyone are pretty shocked and exciting at the same time! :-) It s going to be another boy! The baby will due in March. The boys are exciting about it! I m kinda nervous about it because I wanted the boys to learn to control themselves around the baby. And I know it will takes time and patience as well.

The boys are doing well, they are getting taller and taller! They are attending school. Tristan is in first grade. Anthony is attending afternoon preschool. They enjoy it very much.

Have a wonderful, wonderful Merry Christmas. I will try to type more in my blog.

Friday, July 17, 2009


We came back from our vacation last friday. We had a fablous time in Florida for a week and half. And MB, SC for few days. Wishing that we didnt leave. But it was worth to spend time with the families. We were so happy to spent time with them.

We were all wondering when we will coming down again. We have plently of time to think about when and etc.

I will explain what we did our vacation time and post some pictures too.

We met Dan's families, his father's side. We met Dan's brother and his wife and kids! They are wonderful family! Plus, met Dan's father and his other brother Jason. They are nice and friendly. Dan's father is very humor charcteric guy. Ohhh, We also, met the grandparents of Dan's. They are so sweet people I ever met! They were all thrilling to met Dan and met me and my boys for the first time!

I will expalin that as well.

We spent time with Dan's mom and family. We had a great time spending time with them. It s really worth it. We went to beach, made breakfast, dinner and snacks. We tried to keep occupy for our children. They had a wonderful time.

I jsut wanted post this short to remind that we had a great vacation. I will post more about it. Nite

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I just cant believe the time have gone so fast! This is JUNE already. I took Tristan to audiology. he s doing well with it. :-) For me, i went myself to change the setting for my new hearing aids. I did that yesterday. It s seem to be okay so far. I noticed that i likes my old hearing aid that I had previous one. Oction - digital foucs II. I dont understand that the company (oction) stopped it. An audiologist said they made new hearing aids. I was trying to make a point that if peeps really satified what they have been hearing. Why the company stopped it, if they knows it s doing well with it. I dont understand that. So, we will see how this hearing aids doing for me I jsut have to watch out by llistening in my home enviroment and outside, mall, parks and anywhere too.

I just cant believe that Tristan will be graduating next week!! He will be graduating! AHHH!!! The event will be on tuesday, June 23rd in the afternoon. I just cant believe the time have gone too fast. He will be enter kindgarten in the fall! Tirstan is looking forward for that.

I will be keep it post and post the pictures of graduation day.

I will have to buy some gifts for Tristan's and Leo's too. Leo will be one year old on Juny 2nd! We will not be here for his celebrating his birthday. His momma is going to have a party on June 28th! But we are not going to be here. We will be leaving to Florida on 26th from New York! I will be going to shop around to see what I am going to get for Leo's and Tristan's too.

We will going to have other meeting with IEP for Anthony about OT. It will be next week. So, we will see from there.

We're looking forward to go to FLORIDA! I can't wait. I am looking forward to get some TAN! I needs some tan! LOL.For sure, I will be packing alot of clothres, swimsuits, sunblock, glasses for the boys, and DIF, have to bring medicene to make sure they re okay. I dont wanted them to be sick at all. I am praying that we will be okay and not sick too. Plus, drive safe trip too.

We will be going to Orlando for few days to take the family to Seaworld and Magic Kingdom.It will be fun. And After that, we will be in Gainsvillie tooIt will be exciting to see the families! Can't wait to see them! :-D